Make The Taste Real Good With Sourdough Starter

Sourdough starter bread is different from normal bread. It is more nutritious and since the sourdough starter can reduce down the gluten, some people who are glucose intolerant can eat sourdough bread made from wheat flour. Another big advantage of making sourdough bread machine recipes is that it can be stored for a long period of time. In an age where baker’s yeast was rare and not always available the common baker needed a way to make bread without relying on baker’s yeast. At those times people used sourdough bread, which is known for its sour taste and beer-like smell, but not all kinds of sourdough bread are really sour, one of these breads is Amish sourdough bread.

The bread was made from sourdough starters, yeast cultures would grow in the starter over a longer period of time while it was stored in a cool and dark place. When they wanted to make the bread they would take the starter and mix it with flour, water and sugar. This is the rationale why Amish sourdough isn’t sour; they add extra sugar to the recipe giving it a sweater touch. Other kinds of flavorings can be added to the dough to make the taste different.

The sourdough starter isn’t special just because of its sour taste, it’s special because it’s often associated with the simple things in life, remembering how not everything has to be complicated and industrial, some people might wonder why make a bread that takes more than a week to leaven, when there are agents available that leaven the bread under a day or why make bread in the least when its available in every supermarket. It’s natural, it shows us that we don’t have to rush everything, nature doesn’t rush anything either and everything gets done. There is also no short move sour bread making. The dough is ready by mixing some of the starter culture with warm water, flour of choice (rye, spelt, barley, wholemeal unbleached, strong premium white or a mixture of several) and sea salt.

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